Inside the fight for American privacy

The ACLU’s Shenna Bellows is running for US Senate, to ensure ‘the government stops wasting taxpayers’ dollars on spying on ordinary Americans, instead of focusing on the real threats’

Photo by: Courtesy
At the American Civil Liberties Union, one of the people on the front lines of the campaign for the right to privacy has been its executive director in Maine, Shenna Bellows. This issue of privacy, both in the US and abroad, has taken on particular importance in light of revelations about US National Security Agency spying and surveillance programs that have collected data on millions of foreign Americans.

Bellows has been part of the organization for eight years and recently led campaigns to require warrants for access to private cellphone communications, and to clamp down on warrantless drone surveillance. In September she launched a campaign for the US Senate, with privacy being a cornerstone of her platform.

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