Natural healing

“In the States, there are so many barriers to research, while in Israel they welcome thinkers and encourage innovations.”

Dr. Binyamin and Rivka Rothstein
Photo by: RUIT LYONS
Not long after Dr. Binyamin Rothstein made aliya, he spends his Friday nights hanging out with teens at a park near his Ramat Beit Shemesh home. The osteopathic physician is not there to drink or smoke with the lads, but to tell them stories in his admittedly fractured Hebrew.

He explains that he has noticed the weekly gatherings of Israeli and immigrant adolescents “wondering what to do with themselves,” and figured that nobody wanted a lecture but everybody loves a story. So he practiced a good story in Hebrew and sauntered up to the group asking if they wanted to hear it. A relationship grew out of that gesture, and now many of the teens look forward to the arrival of “Doc,” as they call him, to confide their woes.

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