City Notes: Hillel Yaffe named most green medical center

This week, police discovered Marijuana plants in Sderot.

Doctors (illustrative)
Photo by: REUTERS/Swoan Parker
NORTH Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe Medical Center received the Green Label certificate this week, becoming the first governmental hospital in the country to earn the title from the Standards Institution of Israel and the Environment Ministry. Since the 1990s, the medical center has been a pioneering hospital with its use of solar energy via the installation of solar panels on parts of its roofs. Since then, the center has engaged in other processes aimed at encouraging recycling and efficient energy use while protecting the public’s health.

“Compliance with the Green Label required various regular organizational activities, such as recycling materials such as paper, plastic, iron, saving energy and water, using environmentally friendly materials and handling waste correctly,” said Judith Eli, vice administrative manager of the medical center and head of the hospital’s Environmental Committee.

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