‘I am a total paradox’

At 90, poet Tuvia Rubner, who will be honored at the Metulla Poetry festival, is still working on the balance between equilibrium and contrasts.

Tuvia Rubner. ‘I enjoy life.’
Photo by: Courtesy
The program of next week’s 17th annual Poetry Festival at Metulla, which this year goes by the theatrical title of “I Have A Stage in My Head,” includes a welldeserved tribute to poet Tuvia Rubner.

The 90-year-old Kibbutz Merhavya resident has been one of the country’s foremost poets for some years now. His efforts have been grandly and officially recognized across the world, and he received the 2006 Israel Prize for his field of art. But there is a lot more to Rubner than poetry. He has a strong sense of visual aesthetics, too.

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