Metrotainment: 15 minutes for 15 years

The Tzavta Tel Aviv Short Play Festival celebrates a milestone.

'Six' in Tzavta Tel Aviv Short Play Festival
Photo by: Ran Biran
To emphasize its 15th anniversary, each of the nine short plays at the Tzavta Tel Aviv Short Play Festival from December 26 to 29 will be 15 minutes long. There are three sets of plays, each dealing with different aspects of one of this year’s three themes: “home,” “time” and “war.” The festival includes 14/48 – The World’s Quickest Theater Festival – and from this year will be called the Erik Hoch Short Play Festival in memory of Erik Hoch, who died two years ago. A fervid supporter of Tzavta, he was the CEO of the Kibbutz Artzi’s Havatzelet Foundation for education and culture.

Festival artistic director Eli Malka says that the chosen plays reflect “a reaction in real time to the social and political situation in our country. Israel today is struggling with questions of its identity, today and what it may be down the line.”

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