Bread of independence

We appreciate our bread this holiday – but it wasn’t so long ago that the situation was starkly different

April 20, 2017 22:03

Hamburger. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)

As we lead up to Independence Day, let’s take a glimpse at how many Israelis will be celebrating that day: Taking part in a family affair featuring the mangal – the traditional Israeli barbecue – accompanied by the ubiquitous pita, hot-dog rolls and hamburger buns.

In Israel today there is an abundance and variety of bread that is unparalleled in Jewish history. During our 2,000 years in the Diaspora, we adopted myriad types of breads from cultures the world over which have coalesced in the proverbial melting pot of our modern state. Nowhere in the world is there such a wide spectrum of breads concentrated into a tiny space of 20,000 square kilometers.


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