‘Dr. Philip’s Coping Code: Part 2’

November 8, 2017 19:08

More advice from Dr. Philip.

4 minute read.

You're never too old to work on your own health.

You're never too old to work on your own health.. (photo credit:TNS)

And so I said to myself: Now, look here, buddy. You’re almost seventy. You passed your “Use By” date long ago. You’ve had diagnosed cancer – to be precise, multiple relapse poly-lymphomic chronic leukemia – since 2011. You’re now on the ninth month of your fourth six-month ChemoFest. You’ve had several strokes, a TBI (traumatic brain injury) with capillary bleeding, and the chemo pills may be doing reprehensible things to what’s left. Your energy level’s down around Donald Trump’s congeniality index. Your life expectancy’s somewhere between zilch and whatever. And you will never, ever abide, let alone master, Windows 10.

Get to work.


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