From the ashes

Communities in Haifa and Zichron Ya’acov forge ahead on fire recovery.

December 15, 2016 16:24
Israel wildfires

Debris clogs the waterlogged entrance to Haifa’s Moriah Congregation (masorti). (photo credit: MORIAH CONGREGATION)

The recent spate of fires was a tragic event. It took 100 years of Zionist effort to reclaim the desert, forest the eroded mountains and drain the swamps. Garden cities and verdant villages were painstakingly built by the pioneers over this time. But it takes only a couple of days of fire to destroy the fruits of that century, and the sight of burned gardens and woodland and the shell of damaged homes is heartbreaking.

But as usual, the people of Israel rallied round. While government bodies left fire victims fighting bureaucracy, communities throughout the country came forth, offering refuge in their homes, helping to clean up damaged properties and collecting household items for those who lost everything.


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