The prettiest mess in town

As for the reception so far, Sides is confident that Prettimess has proven to be a worthy second act to Engelmayer.

June 1, 2017 21:10
3 minute read.
Dioz and Gidi Gilam

Dioz and Gidi Gilam, Cut By Demand exhibition, 2015. (photo credit: DIOZ AND GIDI GILAM)

If there was any question about the artistic compass of the newly renovated Tel Aviv Town Hall, the space’s sophomore exhibition will put it to rest. Following the showstopping exhibition by Ze’ev (Shoshke) Engelmayer, which brought record attendance into the previously sleepy compound on Bialik Street, curator Ayelet Bitan-Shlonsky decided to make yet another bold move, officially staking Town Hall’s claim to innovative arts’ presentation in Israel.

Whereas Engelmayer’s show brought provocative political commentary into the halls of the city’s legendary leaders, the current exhibition tears down the walls entirely, bleeding the street into the museum arena.


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