Pakistan was created in 1947 as an Islamic state for the Muslims of India. But it is the Yiddish word chutzpah that best describes what seems to the country’s scandalous behavior.

For those with a grasp of Pakistan’s history – in particular the self-defeating penchant by Pakistanis for blaming the country’s many failures on its perceived deviance from the most extreme, reactionary version of Islamic faith – it came as no surprise to hear allegations that al-Qaida head Osama bin Laden had received help from Pakistan. If so, the sheer blatancy of the duplicity boggles the mind. Here is a country that has had no qualms about consuming billions of dollars in US aid annually while harboring the US’s arch-enemy in one of the comfortable, walled, hilltop compounds once frequented by colonialist British army commanders and now reserved for Pakistani officers.


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