Salving Erdogan...

Sir, – Ray Hanania is being disingenuous when he blithely claims that “Turkey asked Israel to apologize for its role in what should have been little more than a political public relations stunt to protest against Israel’s naval blockade of the Gaza Strip” (“The blame game,” Yalla Peace, September 14).

If it were only a matter of salving Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s fragile ego and Islamic obsession with humiliation, honor, dignity, majesty and greatness, we Israelis would have found a way to express remorse. Unfortunately, it is not merely an apology he desires – he also insists on the lifting of the blockade.

Yielding to this demand would be suicidal for Israel. That Hanania blithely ignores this makes one wonder if he has finally gotten off the fence and planted himself firmly in the enemy camp.

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