Israeli event ‘Not Letting It In’ highlights Athens Queer Archive Festival

 Jason Danino-Holt and the Israeli-Greek Cast (photo credit: PR)
Jason Danino-Holt and the Israeli-Greek Cast
(photo credit: PR)

On May 22, ‘Not Letting It In,’ a five-hour improvised event that explores the art of confessions, was held as the culminating event of the two-week Queer Archive Festival in Athens. The performance was created by Israeli Jason Danino Holt and was initiated and supported by the Israeli embassy in Athens. The show was held in English with the participation of Israeli and Greek actors, during which the participants exchanged personal confessions around the table and, together with the audience, who were also invited to take part, created a temporary environment of freedom, community, and refuge.

Approximately 150 people came to the performance, which was spread over five hours, allowing attendees to come and go throughout the performance. The event received significant exposure in the framework of the public relations for the festival and was considered one of its highlights. The project not only brought Israeli and Greek artists to work together, but also opened a window of dialogue and acquaintance, as well as artistic connections that will bear fruit in the future.

Additionally, the Athens Queer Film Festival in Athens was also held in May, and the Israeli film “15 Years” was the opening film at the festival.

Jason Danino-Holt and the Israeli-Greek Cast (Credit: PR)Jason Danino-Holt and the Israeli-Greek Cast (Credit: PR)

The screening was made possible with the support and initiation of the Israeli embassy in Athens, and with the participation of the Movie director, Yuval Hadadi.

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