'Palestinian, not Pride flag should be raised': Guardian reports on Israel's 'pinkwashing'

“LGBTQ+ liberation has been co-opted by the Israeli state that to a gay Palestinian it now serves only as a reminder of the horror unfolding just 60 miles south."

San Francisco Pride denies Israel float, but okays Palestinian groups

While the event organizers denied an Israeli float, it welcomed pro-Palestinian groups' participation.

Wolt and IGY offer merchandise for Pride Month

Ahead of Pride Month, Wolt's Pride Store, in collaboration with the IGY youth organization, invites you to purchase Pride merchandise, with all proceeds going to support the organization's goaks.


Modern antisemitism: The monster of Jew-hatred just will not die

For years, Jews spearheaded social justice movements. Now that we need their support, they have turned their backs on us.

‘Queer Storytime for Palestine’ drag event for children causes outrage

Young children were led in chants of "free Palestine" by the drag queens.

Iraq criminalizes same-sex relationships with maximum 15 years in prison

Iraq didn't explicitly criminalize gay sex, though loosely defined morality clauses in its penal code had been used to target LGBT people, members of the community have also been killed.

LGBT flag

'Queer in Gaza' campaign aims to raise awareness about Hamas LGBTQ+ persecution

“Living as a Queer person in Gaza is punishable by torture and death by Hamas, the rulers of Gaza” the campaign notes.

 The scene of a shooting attack on Highway 1, near Ma'ale Adumin, on February 22, 2024

'A gay man without rights:' Israeli reservist who killed highway terrorist speaks out

Ben-Shimon's tweet went viral on social media and drew many reactions.

Law student sues man, who sent him unsolicited explicit photos on Grindr, and wins

Most sexual harassment lawsuits end in a plea agreement and settlement, but Shaham had had enough and wanted to pursue a full judgment.

Houthis sentence 13 to public execution on homosexuality charges

"The [Houthis] are ramping up their abuses at home while the world is busy watching their attacks in the Red Sea," said Niku Jafarnia, a Yemen researcher for Human Rights Watch.

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