Musicians from Israel and Turkey unite for Remotely Close

 Design by Tal Fogel TALOOSH (photo credit: COURTESY)
Design by Tal Fogel TALOOSH
(photo credit: COURTESY)

Remotely Close, a collaborative music album featuring 14 musicians from Istanbul and Tel Aviv, was released recently and is available on many digital platforms. Kutiman, Liraz, Boom Pam and Uzi Navon are among the Israeli artists who wrote seven songs in different genres on the album.

The album was produced by Elazar Zinvel, the Israel cultural attaché in Istanbul, along with HOOD Base in Istanbul and Nuweiba Records and Art Israel from Tel Aviv. A limited vinyl edition is planned for later this year.

Turkish artists who participated include Elif Caglar, Cagri Sertel, and Kemal Esen. Israeli and Turkish musicians perform together on each track.

The exciting collaboration features a number of styles, including electronic, rock, jazz, Middle Eastern and more. The musicians have been brought closer by their collaboration and the producers hope that audiences will be, too.  

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