TURKEY-BACKED Syrian rebel fighters walk through a field of flowers in Idlib’s southern countryside,
Russia faces Libya setback, Syria challenge amid COVID-19 crisis

Russia is in a tight spot. Gone from its state media TASS are stories of its great military and diplomatic victories, replaced with the difficulties of the COVID-19 crisis.

EL AL plane lands in Turkey to collect coronavirus aid for US

El Al's Dreamliner aircraft, which was converted to be able to carry cargo, landed in Istanbul on Sunday and took 24 tons of humanitarian equipment for the fight against the coronavirus.

LIBYAN COMMANDER Khalifa Haftar meets Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (not pictured) at the
Libya's Haftar seeks to rouse forces against Turkey

Haftar, in an audio message addressed to his forces, urged them to battle the "colonial" intervention by Turkey until its defeat, in a reference to one-time Ottoman control of Libya.

Libya conflict heats up as Turkish Air Force increases activity

Twitter accounts that follow air traffic revealed unusual movements by Turkey’s air force.

Libya Libyan
How Libya’s civil war became a war of words: 'Warlord' and 'Islamists'

The LNA said Turkey was sending “terrorists.” Turkey’s government also said that if Tripoli fell then Europe would face a “terrorist threat,” apparently meaning that locals would resort to terrorism.

Tourists wearing protective face masks, due to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) concerns, stroll at Su
Israel-Turkey relations could be in for a change - analysis

Evidence for this comes from foreign reports that “Israeli airplanes and drones are challenging Iranian military targets in Syria.”

Turkish and Russian soldiers wearing face masks are pictured during a joint patrol in the northern I
Israel learned from Hezbollah's defeat at the hands of Turkey

Dozens of operatives from the elite unit died while fighting against Turkey in Syria's Idlib, the IDF says they watched and learnt from the battle.

Members of Libya's internationally recognised government are seen after taking control of Watiya air
A secretive proxy drone war just exploded in Libya

The Government of National Accord, backed by Turkey and various extremeist groups, are being challenged by the Libyan National Army, which has backing from Egypt and the UAE, among others.

More than 465,000 cases of coronavirus in Middle East

The virus continues to spread throughout the region, with the highest numbers recorded in Turkey, which has 150,000 cases.

Turkey sends aid to Gaza, prevents aid to Cyprus

Turkey tried to slow down the shipment of 36 tonnes of medical items to Cyprus from China.

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