The sounds of Israel in Copenhagen

Musical instruments and artwork in Jerusalem.  (photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
Musical instruments and artwork in Jerusalem.
(photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)

In May of this year, the Embassy of Israel in Copenhagen, in collaboration with the Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalem, presented a major exhibition of a portion of the museum’s impressive collection at the Community House of the Jewish Community in Denmark, telling the story of  The exhibition is the Museum’s first international collaboration, and the project is the result of a meticulous curating process to present the Hebrew Music Museum abroad for the first time. The Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalem is a true gem among Israeli museums. With its rare collection of ancient instruments from different historical periods and large diasporas, the museum explores the incredible breadth of history and culture that has shaped Jewish music through the ages, witnessing the cultural diversity on which the modern State of Israel was founded.

The audience was invited to embark on an extraordinary journey through Jewish music history, experiencing antique Jewish musical instruments from various historical periods and locations, such as Morocco, Syria, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia and Europe. The event was held under the auspices of the Jewish Culture Festival in Copenhagen, which this year marked the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Jews to Denmark.

A diverse audience was introduced to the Hebrew Music Museum and the exhibition by Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of Israel in Denmark, Mr. Davy Antebi. The audience was encouraged to scan the QR codes of each poster, enabling them to hear each instrument’s sound. The exhibition was accessible and open to the public for two weeks, promoting understanding of the rise and growth of Hebrew and Jewish music from its earliest beginnings by documenting the ancient history of the Jewish people.

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