Ancient language of the Jewish people, revived in xxx by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, now the official language of Israel

Israel's Monty Python: Adopting British humor to Hebrew

How could this British troupe’s humor translate itself into Israeli Hebrew? It certainly was a challenge, but it was a gauntlet that was picked up by Zohar Sharon and Ron Oppenheim.


Jessica Cohen: Go-to English translator of contemporary Israeli literature

In addition to being bilingual, “she has a super sensitive ear for the texts she translates, and she strives to find the right English words and the right register for each book."


Looking back on 2004, a breakthrough for Israeli cinema

It takes a few years to make a movie, and the films made with the funding provided by the Cinema Law flooded movie theaters with great films for the first time in 2004.

Hebrew language Olympiad celebrates record participation in its third year

The third annual Hebrew Language Olympiad at Tel Aviv University attracted hundreds of teenagers worldwide, showcasing impressive growth and participation from diverse regions and institutions.

Slab of marble with Hebrew inscription found in Kursi

Beersheba researchers use AI to read illegible words in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic

This study is the first attempt to apply a masked language modeling approach to corrupted inscriptions in Hebrew and Aramaic languages.

New Hebrew letter from Dead Sea Scrolls announced in Language Academy April Fools joke

While assumed to be a light-hearted joke, the post provides a practical solution to a sound that the current Aleph Bet doesn't cover.

English readers get their first taste of ‘the finest living author writing in Hebrew’

The characters are Israelis living in the United States, negotiating between English and Hebrew, their Jewishness and their Israeliness, old worlds and the new. 


Understanding the Bible

TAU Prof. Oded Lipschits launches English-language podcast on ‘The Untold Story of the Kingdom of Judah.’

Outrage in Davos: Ski rental refuses service to Jews, sparks investigation

The discriminatory stance was revealed through a notice in Hebrew, stating due to "several very annoying incidents," including theft, the service to Jewish individuals would cease.

 THE WRITER conducts a Zoom session with ‘Sophie.’

How a new Israeli friend showed me the power of language

The truth is that “hate” is unsustainable, in any language.

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