Uruguay and Israel celebrating 75 years of strong friendship

With the Israeli ambassador Yoed Magen on the right (photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Uruguay)
With the Israeli ambassador Yoed Magen on the right
(photo credit: Embassy of Israel in Uruguay)

The Israel-based ensemble Voca People performed in Uruguay in May. 

The ensemble describes their show as “full of energy and bursting with comedy and fun,” featuring “more than 80 all-time favorite hits from Madonna to Michael Jackson via Mozart!”

The artists perform vocal theater combining a cappella and beat box vocals to reproduce the sounds of an entire orchestra. The show, therefore, includes no instruments and no sound effects - just eight singer-comedians who affectionately also define themselves as “musical aliens.” They incorporate the public into their songs and change or add bits depending on which country they are in. 

Voca People perform in Uruguay

The ensemble offered three performances at the Soclio Theater in Montevideo, one of the largest in the city, attracting between 800 and 1400 people for each show. In addition, Voca People also performed in the city of Punta del Este at the Enjoy Hotel. Finally, they were also part of the program of the concert for the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel.

The year 2023 also marked the 75th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Uruguay - which was the fourth country in the world to recognize the Jewish State on May 19, 1948.

The occasion was celebrated with a concert that took place in the Uruguayan parliament in June. Both local and Israeli pieces were performed, including Jerusalem of Gold and Hatikva. 

Former President Julio María Sanguinetti gave a speech recalling the events that led to the establishment of bilateral relations, interviewed by Jewish journalist Pablo Londinsky.

The event also included the screening of a short video with footage showing the Israeli envoy Yaakov Zur presenting the treaty to the President of Uruguay, Luis Batlle Berres, on January 25, 1949. The video also showed thousands of Jews gathered outside the hotel where the Israeli delegation was staying in Montevideo.

During the event, Vice-president of Uruguay Beatriz Argimón and Israel's ambassador to Uruguay, Yoad Magen, both gave speeches. The initiative included an exhibition of historical documents about the countries’ bilateral relations. Sanguinetti, Argimón and Londinsky were awarded the “Shield of Honor”.

Attendees of the ceremony at the Parliament included the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Minister of Agriculture, the Deputy Minister of Education, about 15 senators - including Senator Raul Batlle, the grandson of President Batlle - community leaders, the last Uruguayan ambassador whose seat was in Jerusalem (until 1980) and many other prominent figures. 

The event was widely covered by local media.

On June 23rd, the Israeli embassy celebrated the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations and friendship between Uruguay and Israel at the Uruguayan Parliament. The event was attended by important people like the President of the General Assembly, Esc. Beatriz Argimón, the former President of Uruguay, Dr. Julio María Sangüinetti, and the journalist Pablo Londinsky.

Credit: Embassy of Israel in Uruguay
Credit: Embassy of Israel in Uruguay

During the event, Dr. Sangüinetti and Pablo Londinsky had an interesting conversation where they shared stories. The evening concluded with an exhilarating performance by artists who skillfully combined both popular Uruguayan music and the renowned Israeli song "Jerusalem of Gold". The fusion of these musical elements created an enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, there was an exhibition showcasing historical documents, adding a touch of significance and depth to the event.

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