Israeli artist Adi Ioshpe paints colorful mural in the center of Athens 

  (photo credit: Embassy of Israel Greece)
(photo credit: Embassy of Israel Greece)

Taking inspiration from both the waves of history and the waves of the pandemic, Israeli artist Adi Ioshpe rejuvenated a building at 24 Lekka Street in Athens with a colorful mural. The project, a joint initiative of the Israeli Embassy in Athens, the Athens municipality, and the owners of the building was declared the winner of a competition in which Israeli mural artists competed to create an ‘Israel - Greece common values’ themed mural.

  (credit: Embassy of Israel Greece) (credit: Embassy of Israel Greece)

The project, entitled ‘Waves,’ was completed in October 2021. Adi Ioshpe, a student at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem, said that her work "reflects constant movement, but also the movement of people from place to place. The waves are also the waves of history and the waves of the pandemic. The shades of blue and white are the colors of the sea and the colors of the flags of Greece and Israel.”

Israeli Ambassador Yossi Amrani, said that "the mural is another example of creative collaboration between Israel and Greece.” He added that "Israeli tourists will enjoy both artistic experiences and remember the long-standing friendship between the two countries.”

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakogiannis thanked the artist for her work, which "now helps promote a central part of the city.”  Mayor Bakogiannis spoke of the “close, substantial and fruitful cooperation between the Israeli Embassy and the Athens municipality and said that "culture is the ideal means of communication. It breaks down walls, overcomes obstacles and is the best answer to fanaticism, intolerance, and hatred.” 

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