The World Tourism Organization defines tourism as people "traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure and not less than 24 hours, business and other purposes."

The two types of tourism are domestic, where one travels within their own country, or international. 

The global tourism industry incorporates many different industries such as hotels and holiday rentals, transport, travel companies, and attractions. In 2020, the global tourism industry contributed approximately 4.7 trillion US dollars to global GDP. 

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COVID travel chaos: Israel delays entry for travelers inoculated with Sputnik

Russia's Sputnik vaccine has not been authorized by WHO. Israel was supposed to allow in visitors inoculated with it from November 15 but has now pushed that back to December 1.

Israelis should avoid Turkey until couple is released - analysis

If boycotting the country is not enough to get the Turks to release the couple, then other – more strident actions – should be considered.


American Jewish tour groups gearing up for return to Israel

The reopening to tourists comes as Israel emerges from a fourth wave of coronavirus infections.


Jerusalem of old and new rediscovered in tourism program

This year's event features hundreds of intriguing, beautiful and compelling sites, and guided tours that should provide us all with a better idea of where we live.


MKs vow to fix COVID travel rules for family members of Israelis

“The significance of this topic is crucial to the State of Israel and for the future of the Jewish people,” said MK Simon Davidson.

COVID: Israel’s ban on recovered US tourists to be examined by Knesset

Yad L’Olim founder Dov Lipman expressed optimism that the Constitution Committee will amend rules keeping people out of the country.

Will a fifth COVID-19 wave enter Israel with the two-shot tourists? - analysis

The Health and Tourism ministries announced a new policy that will allow entry to small tour groups even if the travelers do not qualify as fully vaccinated.

Visit 'Wine Valley' get the Jezreel Valley experience 

You can now visit regions in Israel known casually as Israel’s Wine Region or the Tuscany of Israel: The Jezreel Valley.


With Covaxin approval, more Indian tourists could enter Israel

Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin is an inactivated virus vaccine, similar to the vaccines produced in the past to defeat polio or hepatitis A. 

COVID-19: How can Israel safely open its doors to tourists?

TRAVEL ADVISER: Looking at the flawed government policy and how it can be fixed.

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