Artist Zavi Apfelbaum opens art exhibit in Turin amidst Eurovision frenzy

  (photo credit: Simone Bonzano)
(photo credit: Simone Bonzano)

"Light, Life and the Land"  - Scenes from Israel; a new exhibit featuring works by Israeli artist Zavi Apfelbaum opened on May 3, at Teatro Paesana, Turin,  in time for Israeli Independence day and just one week before the Eurovision competition.

Zavi Apfelbaum's solo exhibit, held in the historical center of Turin, fit in perfectly among the throngs of Israelis visiting the city to join the celebration of the Eurovision competition that was held from May 10-14, 

  (credit: Zavi Appelbaum) (credit: Zavi Appelbaum)

The oil paintings, both impressionistic and expressive, offer a glimpse into different aspects of life in Israel. Apfelbaum's paintings show the rolling hills surrounding her home, kibbutz fields and farm life which marks the intersection between nature and civilization. Her paintings also showcase Israel’s beaches that run the length of the country intertwined with both urban life and landscape.

American-born, Apfelbaum studied fine art at Barnard College, Columbia University, NY before making aliyah in 1990. She currently lives in the Judean Hills where she draws inspiration from historical landscapes and uses this inspiration as a base to build bridges from the past to the present and to the future.

The exhibit was curated by Jewish Italian curator and gallerist Ermanno Tedeschi.  Apfelbaum's work is also scheduled to be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Genoa in a group exhibit titled "Israeli Landscapes," opening in late May.

 The exhibition "Light, Life and the Land" run until 31/05/2022.

For more information: Zavi Apfelbaum 

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