A satellite
Israel makes history, launches DIDO III satellite into space

The satellite is carrying a tiny laboratory in which four medical scientific experiments to test drug resistance will be conducted under conditions of micro-gravity.

A man wearing a protective face mask to prevent contracting the coronavirus walks past the Duomo Cat
Italian prime minister probed over coronavirus response

Investigations come after lawsuits filed in various cities on accusations including manslaughter, creating a pandemic and curbing Italian's political rights.

After 76 years, DNA tells fate of German-Jew who perished in Nazi massacre

The Ardeantine massacre was an infamous mass execution carried out near Rome in March 1944 by Nazi German occupation soldiers during World War II.

Venice lowers gondola passenger capacity due to weight gain in tourists

"When [the boat] is fully loaded, the hull sinks and water enters. Advancing with over half a ton of meat on board is dangerous,” Roveratto said.

Popular senator launches 'Italexit' Party to take Italy out of EU

Gianluigi Paragone, a former TV journalist, met Brexit architect Nigel Farage in London before announcing the formal birth of his party later this week.

Albert Einstein
Einstein family's water mill in Italy to produce electricity again

While most of the structure was demolished decades ago, a new water mill to produce electricity is currently being built in the exact same spot.

Italian PM saves ancient Jewish graveyard from being destroyed

The request was approved earlier this month, however unintended, on the four hundred year anniversary of the death of Rabbi Menahem Azariah da Fano.

The Italian flag waves over the Quirinal Palace in Rome, Italy May 30, 2018
Italy to monitor sewage in hunt for possible new coronavirus wave

The wastewater-monitoring project will focus on priority sites such as tourist resorts in a first phase starting this month.

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