MIT-Israel cooperation celebrated at MISTI event

 MIT and Israel (photo credit: Consulate General of Israel to New England)
MIT and Israel
(photo credit: Consulate General of Israel to New England)

It’s no secret that the long-lasting relationship between Israel and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has led to numerous achievements in the fields of science, technology, and arts over the decades.

Most recently, this alliance was spotlighted by the nomination of Israeli-American economist, Prof. Joshua Angrist of MIT as the 2021 Nobel Prize laureate in Economic Sciences.

Nir Hod Photo (Credit: Consulate General of Israel to New England)Nir Hod Photo (Credit: Consulate General of Israel to New England)

 A recent event titled “Inspired by Israel: Arts, Education, and Innovation at MIT,” hosted by the MISTI MIT-Israel Program and the Consulate General of Israel to New England, highlighted this fruitful partnership at the intersection of art, innovation and education, and explored present and future opportunities.

Attending the permanent installation of beautiful art creations by artists Shuli Sadé and Nir Hod in the foyer of the new MIT Museum building, Prof. Angrist gave a thought-provoking presentation by sharing the research that brought him the Nobel Prize and explained how Israel inspired him and his research.

 Nir Hod (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Nir Hod (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The guests enjoyed a live demonstration of the Augmented Reality (AR) component of Sadé’s work and heard from MIT graduate An Jimenez discuss her Israel experiences. Sadé and Hod are acclaimed multidisciplinary Israeli artists based in New York. Their MIT-commissioned pieces, “Evolving Formations” (Sadé) and “The Life We Left Behind” (Hod) were chosen to decorate the new MIT building, home to the soon-to-open MIT Museum.

Ambassador Meron Reuben, Consul General of Israel to New England, thanked the Consulate staff, led by Cultural Attaché Amir Tadmor, and David Dolev, Managing Director of MISTI MIT-Israel, for organizing the event. “I have always had the luck and opportunity to see innovation intertwine with education and the arts,” said Reuben.  “Just as this artwork enriches the entrance to the building, so does the work done here at MIT help to intertwine all our lives together.”

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