Astronomers discover a rare ’black widow’ binary star system

Astronomers know of about two dozen black widow binaries in the Milky Way. This newest candidate is 3,000 light-years from Earth.

New simulation is largest, most detailed model of early universe

Named after the Etruscan goddess of the dawn, the "Thesan" model will help scientists study the complex environment of the young universe.

MIT physicists create 'quantum tornadoes' out of ultracold atoms

Physicists managed to create "quantum tornadoes" similar to weather patterns in the macro world.

Life on Venus? Privately-funded mission set to probe Earth's neighbor for life

The Venus Life Finder Missions is a private effort by MIT researchers led by Jewish-American scientist Sara Seager and backed by Breakthrough Initiatives.


Israeli-American economist Joshua Angrist wins 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics

This was not the first time Angrist was nominated for a Nobel Prize, having been among the frontrunners in 2019.

A lab technicians holds the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) treatment drug "Remdesivir" at Eva Pharma

Future drug combinations on COVID can be used with deep learning - study

Overall, two new drug combinations were found in the end to treat COVID-19.

MIT's Jewish environmental warrior: 'Earth has a budget'

No. 39 on The Jerusalem Post's Top 50 Most Influential Jews of 2021: Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Susan Solomon.

The miSHERLOCK device can deliver results in an hour and detect specific variants of the virus

New at-home COVID test can detect specific variants in just an hour

The device, which costs just $15, can detect specific coronavirus variants and is about 95% effective at detecting infections.

Leading MIT scientist hails ‘immunomics’ in Israel’s Immunai

Immunai is working on developing a new generation of medicine using a combination of artificial intelligence and big data, with the goal of mapping the entire human immune system.

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