Israeli Design highlighted at Belgian design festival

 Dead sea sculpturing  (photo credit: Erez Nevi Pana)
Dead sea sculpturing
(photo credit: Erez Nevi Pana)

Design Fest Gent, a new biennial 10-day festival offering designers space to present their ground-breaking ideas, was held in Ghent, Belgium, from April 22-May 1. The Design Museum in Ghent, which organized the event, expressed interest in the works of Israeli designer Erez Nevi Pana, a vegan activist and supporter of animal rights. His work is based on the study of natural phenomena and environmental processes through the study of matter. Nabi Pena’s research on salt has become a long-term research project, and he has been working with Dead Sea salt for eight years. With the assistance of the Israeli embassy in Belgium, two of Nevi Pana’s works were sent to be displayed during the festival. One item was a vegan banana chair, and the second was a salt chair the Design Museum purchased, which will be on permanent display.

Design Fest Gent (Credit: Israeli Embassy in Belgium)Design Fest Gent (Credit: Israeli Embassy in Belgium)

The festival opened with an opening event attended by hundreds of people, including representatives from the embassy. The numerous visitors who participated in the ten-day festival were privileged to enjoy Erez’s wonderful creations.

SALT Stool dipped for 8 months (Credit: Erez Nevi Pana)SALT Stool dipped for 8 months (Credit: Erez Nevi Pana)
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