Fish-free vegan ‘tuna’ in the can created by Israeli company

Israeli company Vgarden has developed a plant-based tuna substitute whose production uses only minimal energy consumption and water.

J17 Vegan Home Kitchen: Good enough for non-vegans - review

The restaurant is situated on Yirmeyahu Street in an area that used to house several of the early Israel fashion houses

Can processed food be healthy? Israeli students think so

Does ready-made food have to be harmful to health? Technion students say no.

Hot dogs in hot dog eating contest.

Hot dogs sold as ‘vegan’ dogs at Tel Aviv Hanukkah event

The hot dog stand mistakenly had a "vegan" sticker affixed to it, angering vegans across Israel.


Israeli Vegan bodybuilder Maayan Eliasi shines in Los Angeles

She has competed in WBNF contests in the past and in 2018 won first place at the Israeli national NABBA Bikini division (National Amateur Body-Builders' Association), in the Over-30 category.


Want to eat healthy and save the planet? Replace beef with spirulina algae

For every kilogram of beef meat replaced with a kilogram of Spirulina, one can save nearly 100 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions, 340 square meters of land and 1,400 liters of water.

Burger King at Dizengoff Center will go vegan for a month

The branch has been seeing lines around the block for the Veggie Whopper and other meat-free alternatives at offered by the burger chain in Israel. 

SavorEat’s robot chefs will serve plant-based meat to the nation’s keyboard warriors

The food-tech company’s latest exploit involves a collaboration with caterer Yaron-Sella, 3D-printing technology and some tasty burgers.

Vegan in Tel Aviv beats any and all expectations

Be Tel Aviv offers tours of every kind but one tour is based on the vegan restaurants across the city of Tel Aviv.

By David Harris , MARK GORDON
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