Thousands of Olim merit to make Aliyah and live the dream. In honor of Israel’s 67 years, Nefesh B’Nefesh has produced a video showcasing what Olim love about their lives in Israel. The video features 23 Olim of all ages, living all over Israel, representing all walks of life, making their own imprint on the State of Israel.

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The video takes us hundreds of miles across the land and 11,000 feet in the air. We found Olim who are applying their entrepreneurial spirit and creating a thriving life for themselves. We found a beer brewer and a Torah scribe, a firefighter and a stargazer, as well as a fashion designer, car mechanic, NYC-style pizza store owner, and a building maintenance professional who rappels off the sides of skyscrapers.

Even when engaged in more conventional jobs like working at a startup, Olim still find the time to enjoy their families, and to engage in a variety of activities. From shopping, concerts and nightlife to hobbies that include football and skydiving, scuba diving and water skiing, navigating kayaks and piloting planes.

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