WATCH: Israeli sheikh says Jerusalem will soon become capital of global caliphate

Sheikh Raed Salah is only days out of serving a prison sentence for encouraging a third intifada and spreading blood libel about Jews.

Raed Salah's November 7 sermon in Nazareth
Only days after being released from prison, the leader of the Islamic Movement's northern Israel branch returned to the public eye, giving a fiery sermon about conquering Jerusalem and making it the Muslim-only capital of a Sunni Islamic empire. 
In a video of his November 7 sermon in Nazareth, translated by MEMRI, Sheikh Raed Salah said "Inshallah, Jerusalem will soon become the capital of the global caliphate." 
"The caliphate will spread justice throughout the land after it was filled with injustice by America, the Zionist enterprise, the Batiniyya, reactionism, Paganism and the Crusaders," referring to the West, Jews, Christians, Shi'a Muslims, and anyone who does not follow Sunni Islam. 
Salah further said: "I am confident that if the circumstances of the Muslims were as they should be, they would march to al-Aksa Mosque in tens of millions, crossing all borders and overcoming all obstacles, and they would not be stopped by nuclear bombs, until they arrived at al-Aksa mosque, liberated it..."
He claimed that the Israeli government prevents the name of God from being spoken at al-Aksa Mosque and therefore "the Israeli occupation is the worst oppressor in the land in the eyes of Allah." 
On March 4, Salah was sentenced to eight months in prison and three years on probation for inciting to violence in a 2007 speech. 
In the 2007 speech, Salah urged supporters to start a third intifada in order to “save al-Aksa Mosque, free Jerusalem and end the occupation.”
Salah’s speech also attacked Jews: “They want to build their temple at a time when our blood is on their clothes, on their doorsteps, in their food and in their drinks. Our blood has passed from one ‘general terrorist’ to another ‘general terrorist’... We are not those who ate bread dipped in children’s blood.”