Arab Israeli Conflict

The Arab Israeli Conflict: From peace efforts to suicide bombers. News updates and breaking news from the heart of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict that has been shaping the Holy Land for a century.

Jewish, Arab riots leave dozens injured across the country

Netanyahu said during his visit to Lod on Thursday that there is no greater threat than the internal disturbances brewing throughout the country.

As violence rages, Netanyahu is eating what he cooked

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Netanyahu had a policy – to back Hamas and undermine Abbas, and that policy has this week unraveled.

US objects to UN meeting on Israel, Gaza on Friday

Such statements are agreed by consensus. All 15 council members also have to agree to a meeting under rules guiding the body's virtual operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Rockets fired at Ashdod as health minister visits local hospital

Assuta Medical Center was inaugurated in 2017. Most of its structure was built as a bomb shelter.

Hamas supporters watch armed Hamas militants parade in central Gaza City.

Is it legal for IDF to blow up banks, internal security? - analysis

A similar shift is taking place as the IDF starts to hit Hamas government institutions, such as its internal security headquarters.

UNSC to meet on Sunday on Israeli-Palestinian violence

The 15-member body met in the aftermath of Jerusalem violence on Monday but was unable to reach the consensus needed for a joint statement.

President Reuven Rivlin casts his ballot at a voting station in Jerusalem, during the Knesset Electi

Rivlin appeals to Arab and Jewish leadership amid rising tensions

Rivlin made the point that extremists are the only ones who benefit from their brutality, while ordinary citizens pay the price.

‘We are family’: Jewish and Arab medical staff respond to ethnic tensions

Hospital workers vow to continue to represent an island of coexistence and ask the rest of the Israeli society to learn from them.

Gaza rockets spark civil unrest among Israel's Jews, Arabs

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Israeli coexistence goes up in flames amid interethnic violence

Amid ongoing violence, Israeli Jews, Arabs hold coexistence rallies

Several groups of Jewish and Arab mayors and municipal leaders have met and appealed for calm, while coexistence groups have called for a halt to inter-communal violence.

Sheikh Jarrah families’ 50-year battle for homes

PALESTINIAN AFFAIRS: The street itself has become a known protest site, with police barricades at both ends and almost nightly clashes with police and at times between them and their Jewish neighbors

As Israel-Palestinian conflict rages, Biden struggles to catch up

DIPLOMATIC AFFAIRS: After de-emphasizing region, US officials were left with a muddled message, few effective moves

Israeli Arabs and Jews: End of the honeymoon period?

Does the violence between Jews and Arabs in Israel's mixed cities mark the end of the honeymoon between the majority and the minority in the country?

SCALES OF JUSTICE decorate the International Criminal Court building in The Hague, Netherlands, in 2

ICC prosecutor warns against crimes in Israel-Palestinian violence

Israel and Palestinian Islamist groups plunged this week into their fiercest round of fighting since 2014.


Will this Hamas conflict be different than others?

If Israel uses the same playbook as in the past, why should it expect any different result with Hamas?

FADC chair Barbivai to IDF, police: How can we fight on all fronts?

IDF and police commanders have opposed using the IDF internally even as legal officials have approved it.

Biden: Israel has right to defend itself from Gaza rocket terrorism

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr planned to visit the region next week, and moved his trip up in light of the escalation.

Israel's latest operation against Gaza is far from over - analysis

Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Zvika Haimovich: While the salvo strategy and missiles used by Hamas and PIJ are not new, Hamas “has improved their skills.”

The Iranian flag waves in front of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) headquarters, befor

Does Iran hold the key to ending Israel's fight with Hamas, PIJ?

Hamas and PIJ officials have told Egyptian, Qatari and other mediators that they would be ready to stop their attacks on Israel once Israel stops its military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Biden failed the Israel-Palestinian rocket and riot test - analysis

Biden’s mistakes began before the first rocket was fired: US Mideast policy expert

Fire continues to blaze at Ashkelon's Trans-Israel pipeline - background

Firefighters are still working to control the large fire blazing the trans-Israel energy pipeline in Ashkelon.


Owner of torched Uri Buri restaurant vows: Nothing will break me

Uri Buri, which is located in an ancient stone building overlooking the Acre harbor, was the most prominent landmark to be hit by the violence.

Buildings hit, streets burning: The images Hamas, Iran wanted - analysis

Images are important. The images of the Israeli police in the al-Aqsa mosque helped to create an excuse for violence.

Police Officers clash with Palestians at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on April 21, 2021. Clashes erupt

TikTok videos spread lies about Israel - here’s what you can do about it

"If they are exposed to the interpretation of the news through TikTok, that should make us worried.”

ICC threatens new war crimes allegations against Israel, Hamas

The ICC prosecutor in March announced an official investigation into possible war crimes committed in the Palestinian Territories.

WJC President Lauder: Israel must protect its citizens

"Under these circumstances, Israel has no choice but to respond with the force necessary to protects its citizens and put a stop to this threat.”

Tel Aviv battered in unprecedented Gaza barrage

Three Israelis killed as more than 800 rockets pound country • PM: Campaign will take time

Netanyahu: We will bring rule of law to Israel’s cities with an iron fist

The prime minister also called on Arab leaders to condemn the violence and act to stop it, saying that Israelis are proud of coexistence and will not let others harm it.

Palestinians run as Israeli military vehicle fires tear gas canisters during an anti-Israel protest

The riots across Israel fuel Arab media 'one state' solution supporters - analysis

The "one state” narrative which supports Israel being part of a larger greater Palestinian state that includes Gaza and the West Bank has received a boost by the riots and clashes in Israel.

Sheikh Jarrah, Shimon Hatzadik: A tale of two gravesites in Jerusalem

The current dispute surrounding the Sheikh Jarrah area has deep roots, stretching back to the first years of Arab and Jewish settlement outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, in the 19th century.

Jerusalem unrest: An inside view of tensions boiling outside Damascus Gate

The barricades, like the protests in nearby Sheikh Jarrah, seem to have been more an excuse, a kind of symbol that crowds could set their anger against, rather than the real problem.

Indian woman killed by Hamas rocket had been working in Israel for 7 years

Soumya Santosh was from Kerala's Idukki district, and has been working in Israel for seven years, according to relatives quoted by news agency PTI.

Pro-Palestinian protest arrives at NY Israeli consulate, sparks clashes

Embassy staff were sent home on Tuesday due to safety concerns, according to Fox News.

Israel is not ready for a ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza – official

“There will be a ceasefire when we're ready for it,” the official added.

Gaza: Hamas, Islamic Jihad vow to step up rockets against Israel

Senior leaders of Hamas and PIJ, meanwhile, have reportedly gone into hiding out of fear of being targeted by Israel.

Rocks thrown on Temple Mount, terror attempts thwarted in the West Bank

A student activist for the Kumi Israel movement reported being saved from an attempted assault by right-wing protesters in Beersheba.

Yemen’s Houthis say they joined 'anti-Israel' front - analysis

Houthis say more openly what was said in propaganda in the past. Now they have begun to raise funds for the Palestinians.

Israel has to do something different when it comes to Gaza - analysis

"We don't want to enter Gaza, but if we have to, we will"

Israel under attack amid escalation - in photos

As Gaza fires rocket after rocket into Israeli territory, Israelis along the border and in Jerusalem run for cover amid escalations in the Temple Mount and Sheikh Jarrah.

People enjoy and bath in the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) next to the city of Tiberias on June 23, 2015

Israeli hotels, attractions open doors to residents from the South

Various hotels, attractions and resorts throughout Israel are offering discounted and free visits for residents living in Gaza border communities.

What do Hamas and PIJ have in their rocket arsenals? - analysis

Most of the rockets in the Gaza groups’ arsenals have been around since Operation Protective Edge in 2014, but some first came to light in 2019.

People hold Hamas flags as Palestinians gather after performing the last Friday of Ramadan to protes

What is Hamas trying to achieve by fighting Israel? - analysis

Events of the past few weeks have allowed Hamas to show that it remains a major player in the Palestinian arena and is popular among the Palestinians.

Nursery in a bomb shelter: Ashkelon hospital gears up for rockets

“Our staff is receiving the injured in the emergency room while their families are at home in complete uncertainty,” doctor tells 'Post.'

Jerusalem, Gaza: Key takeaways from Israel-Palestinian violence - analysis

Israel should harbor no illusions and realize that oftentimes "being smart, not right” will make absolutely no difference on the ground.


Jerusalem violence raises tensions in Israel-Gulf ties

“There’s universal dislike of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, who are seen as people looking to pervert Islam…by many people in the Abraham Accords and those who might join.”

World leaders urge calm amid growing violence between Israelis, Palestinians

"This is unacceptable escalation," the State Department said. "While we urge de-escalation on all sides, we also recognize Israel's legitimate right to defend itself, its people and its territory."

Jews dancing while fire rages on Temple Mount lights up social media

Critics wrote scathing posts of how they were dancing as the Temple Mount was burning.

Ignoring rocket fire, most foreign media focus on Israel’s airstrikes

The most anti-Israel coverage, unsurprisingly, is in the Iranian and Turkish media. Iran and Turkey both support Hamas.

What will deterrence with Hamas look like with different potential governments? - analysis

The IDF's deterrence with the Palestinian terrorist group was shattered on Monday with seven rockets fired at Jerusalem itself.

Rivlin: Palestinian extremists turning Temple Mount into weapons cache

“No country in the world would accept a situation like this. We will never accept this reality. We will protect our citizens by all means necessary.”

Right-wing MKs demand escalation amid rocket fire targeting Israel

Former defense minister Liberman: "Netanyahu is good for Hamas."


IDF strikes more than 130 terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip

In retaliation for the rocket-fire, the IDF carried out waves of airstrikes against 130 terror targets in the Strip, an operation they call “Guardians of the wall.”

The tinderbox that is Jerusalem has burst into flames - analysis

Rockets will pound Israel, and a Hamas or PIJ cell in the West Bank or from Gaza could attack the IDF or Israeli civilians.

US National Security Advisor addresses Israeli counterpart on Jerusalem violence

“There is no excuse for violence, but such bloodshed is especially disturbing now," the State Department said.

UNSC members call for calm amid Jerusalem, Gaza violence flare-up

The United Nations Security Council held a closed door session on Monday to discuss rising tensions in east Jerusalem, particularly around the Temple Mount, also known as al Haram al Sharif.

Can Mansour Abbas douse the flames in Jerusalem? - analysis

Violence has erupted again, this time on the Temple Mount, inside the al-Aqsa mosque, and there is no clear cause and effect.


Celebrating 'victory,' Palestinians vow to continue Jerusalem protests

“Jerusalem is not a united city; it is an occupied Arab city. We salute the residents of Jerusalem on this new victory.”

UNSC to meet on Jerusalem violence, Jordan summons Israel's envoy

US President Joe Biden has promised to stand by Israel at the UN, but the violence in Jerusalem is likely to test that resolve.

Members of Congress condemn evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah

The neighborhood, where more than 70 Palestinian residents face threats of eviction from their homes, has been the site of protests and clashes with Israeli police in recent days.


Could Jerusalem crisis put strain on Israel-Gulf ties? - analysis

The triumvirate of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE is important because it is largely accepted that Riyadh gave the green light to Manama and Abu Dhabi to make peace last year.

Pope Francis holds weekly audience at the Vatican, December 2, 2020.

Pope Francis calls for end to violence in Jerusalem

Pope Francis has called for the violent clashes which have erupted on the Temple Mount for several days in a row to cease, saying that "violence begets only violence."

PA requests Security Council, Arab League meetings on Jerusalem violence

Hamas and other Gaza-based terror groups called for “stepping up the Jerusalem uprising and threatened to respond to Israeli “aggression” against the Palestinians.

Jerusalem Day: 54 years later, is the city united or divided?

JERUSALEM AFFAIRS: Next week, as Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day to mark that victory, few will remember where that barrier really stood, but the scars of the division still resonate in the city.

Four Palestinians to be charged with diverting European aid to terrorism

Charges are set to be brought against the suspects to the Judea Military Court in the coming days.

IDF soldiers patrol in the West Bank

IDF captures terrorist behind Tapuah Junction shooting attack

The attacker was identified as Muntasir Shalabi, 44, from the Palestinian town of Turmus Ayya, located 22 kilometers north of Ramallah.

Hamas calls Tapuah Junction terrorist 'icon of Palestinian resistance'

Muntaser Shalabi, 44, was arrested on Wednesday night by the IDF just hours after one of the three Israelis injured in the attack, 19-year-old Yehuda Geutta, died of his wounds.

EU decries Israeli expansion of Har Homa, pending Sheikh Jarrah evictions

"The implementation of these plans would cut off east Jerusalem from Bethlehem and severely undermine future negotiations towards a two-state solution."

Settlers to sue B'Tselem for alleging they set Palestinian fields ablaze

The Samaria Regional Council plans to sue the left-wing NGO B'Ttselem for slander after it alleged that settlers had set fire to fields near a Palestinian village.

US President's senior adviser Jared Kushner speaks as US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien st

Kushner launches group to promote Arab states' new ties with Israel

Kushner is founding the "Abraham Accords Institute for Peace," to work on deepening agreements Israel reached last year with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

Tapuah junction

Palestinian Fatah calls on locals to delete evidence of terror attack

Fatah's Nablus branch made a post on its official Facebook page, within hours of the attack, calling on "honored" members of the Palestinian community to delete the security footage.

Israel, Lebanon hold fifth maritime border talks meeting

At the end of the talks, the Israeli negotiating team updated Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, and they held discussions on their next steps.

Jewish extremists attack 2 Palestinians overnight in West Bank - report

The violence followed Sunday's Palestinian drive-by-shooting attack against a crowded bus stop at the Tapuah Junction in the West Bank that injured three and left two teens in serious condition.

Students from the University of Birzeit clash with Israeli security forces (unseen) near the West Ba

Palestinian Authority says working 'to prevent violence’

‘Israeli measures, settler attacks could lead to intifada’

Israel, Lebanon to return to maritime border talks on Tuesday

The talks will take place at the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) base in Naquora, near Rosh Hanikra, with US mediation, as they did in October and November of 2020.

Night of West Bank violence followed shooting attack on three Israelis

Jewish extremists thought to be settlers attacked the village of Jalud, according to NGO Yesh Din

Israel works to identify 44 killed in Lag Ba'omer Mount Meron stampede

Hezbollah supporters, pro-Palestinian social media celebrate Meron deaths

While Israelis are in mourning, the pro-Hezbollah and extremist pro-Palestinian social media accounts are calling this a “blessed Friday” posting photos of the body bags.

Will Ahlam Tamimi be extradited from Jordan for the murder of Malki Roth?

LEGAL AFFAIRS: Is justice ignored for the victims of the Sbarro suicide bombing?

Abbas: Palestinian elections postponed after Israel blocks Jerusalem vote

“There will be no elections without Jerusalem,” Abbas said in opening remarks during a meeting of leaders of several Palestinian factions in Ramallah.

Israel, Lebanon aim to restart maritime border talks

"We are examining the renewal of talks based on the known disputed territory," Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz's spokesman said.

EU moves to stop funding Palestinian terrorists, inciting textbooks

The new guideline doubles down on the European Parliament’s commitment to prevent EU donations from ending up in the hands of terrorists, by calling for proactive recovery of funds.

Jerusalem on fire: What sparked the violence and will it get worse?

“Within the next two weeks, we have al-Quds Day, Laylat al-Qadr, Eid al-Fitr, Jerusalem Day and Shavuot. I wish us all good luck; we are going to need it.”


Seminary students visit Bedouin sheikh injured in Jerusalem violence

The attack left al-Obra and his daughter lightly injured, after being pelted with rocks outside of the Damascus Gate.

Are Gaza rockets bad news for a viable anti-Netanyahu bloc? - analysis

It wasn't bad enough Israel lacks a government to deal with tensions that are ratcheting up with Iran and the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. Now Netanyahu also has to weigh a possible war with Hamas.

IDF to respond strongly if Gaza rockets continue - security cabinet

The fishing zone in the Gaza Strip has been completely closed until further notice.

Tik Tok logo / illustrative

TikTok intifada is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ - analysis

Many have blamed the popular short-video sharing platform for playing a role in the recent security escalation, which ultimately has included the firing of dozens of rockets into Israel.

Protesters demand return of bodies of Hadar Goldin, Oron Shaul from Hamas

The demonstrations are an attempt to put pressure on the Israeli leadership "to express Israel's sovereignty" by bringing back the bodies for a Jewish burial.

A ROCKET IS fired toward Israel from the southern Gaza Strip in February.

Sirens heard in Sderot as 3 rockets launched into Israel from Gaza

It is possible there were multiple interceptions by the Iron Dome defense system.

Arab protesters throw bottles at police after Jerusalem barricades removed

Religious Zionist Party leader Bezalel Smotrich criticized the removal of the barricades, saying that it was "succumbing to terror" and could end up encouraging further violence.

Palestinians: Israel responsible for Jerusalem violence

In a statement, the PA leadership condemned the “incitement to kill Arabs by settlers and far-Right groups who are protected by the Israeli army and police.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaking at the State Department in Washington, earlier this mo

US State Department condemns rocket fire from Gaza into Israel

Six of the rockets were intercepted throughout the night. Most of them landed in open fields and were fired to short ranges.

Aiming at Dimona: Did the Syrian regime purposely target Israel?

Much remains unclear about the incident on April 22, including why Syria fired a missile so wildly and so far south into Israel – and whether Israel’s interceptors failed to stop the threat.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits an old army outpost overlooking the Jordan Valley last June

Jordan Valley a strategic necessity despite tech developments - report

Gold released the report published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, which he heads, because of his concern that the opposite view is gaining traction in Washington.

Israel's Navy ready to attack Hezbollah from the sea like never before

SECURITY and DEFENSE: The navy’s missile ships have changed goals, reorganized, and now prepare for war on all fronts.


Jordan backs Palestinians on Jerusalem elections, two-state solution

“Jerusalem is a red line for Jordan, the king and our people, as it is a red line for the State of Palestine.”

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