Mother protecting her daughter during rocket attack photographed

The emotional photograph emerged during increased tensions in the Gaza border communities.

May 6, 2019 06:40
Lihi Piatzsky defends her daughter with her body during a Hamas rocket attack

Lihi Piatzsky defends her daughter with her body during a Hamas rocket attack. (photo credit: ALON PIATZSKY)

Amongst the images of panic and destruction caused by the barrage of rockets that were fired at Israel throughout the weekend, one photo emerged that shows how Israelis react in the heat of the moment: Lihi Piatzsky, of Moshav Ge'a in southern Israel, was captured in a photo by her husband, Alon, protecting their two-year-old daughter as rockets fell from above.

“We’re very well-trained for this, when we’re in an area with a secure space, or when there is no secure space, we defend [our child]," Piatzsky said. "We listen to orders from Home Front Command. That’s what we do without thinking very much and very quickly.”

“This was the first time the child experienced this,” she added, “because most of the time [the rocket attacks] were at night.”

“She’s only two years old. I don’t know how, I just protected her, I said to her that we’re protecting her because there was a siren, even though she really wanted to get up and asked to get up,” Lihi said.

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