September 4, 2012 11:24
1 minute read.

  1. FIRST ISSUE IS TO DO WITH HYPERLINKS:Check out the link here it doesn't work because the VPN adds in some strange prefix so that includes an https:// instead of http://

    This happens only when I'm using VPN and the hyperlink icon above.
    The page that should be linked is http://www.jpost.com/Features/InThespotlight/Article.aspx?id=283668 BUT instead the link that shows up in the Volcan is which means I have to go in manually and remove the first part and add http://
  2. SECOND ISSUE HAS TO DO WITH ADDING IMAGES ON VPN When I add an image, I can only search for one at a time and upload one at a time. Which means I must save the article and go back into it with edit article, and add another thumbnail image. Also, I cannot search for more than one tag, i.e. I can't search for "Netanyahu" and then change my mind and do a new search for "Peres".  I have to save the article, go into edit article, delete the image, save it again, go back into it for a third time, put in the new image, save again and if i want to add an additional image, i need to go into edit article for a fourth time. Finally, the images also do not show up on the VPN, that means I need to save the article, check how the image looks on the site and go back into edit article to change if necessary.

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