Israel Festival - Jerusalem Theater, June 15

This multinational troupe has members from Brazil, Israel, Portugal, and up to the Nordic countries united by total commitment and unusual charm.

June 21, 2011 22:49
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dance 311. (photo credit: Courtesy)

First impression of the artistic credo of Tim Rushton, artistic director and choreographer of the Danish Dance Theater (DDT), reveals a highly spirited performance with wonderfully diverse dancers. This multinational troupe, with members from Brazil, Israel, Portugal, and up to the Nordic countries, has flare and individuality which brings on stage a plurality of temperaments, united by total commitment and unusual charm.

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Structured as a review show, the dance is accompanied by jazz singer Caroline Henderson and a band of three exquisite musicians on stage. Henderson, wrapped in a bronze gown, alternately takes center stage to belt her sensuous American blues standards such as “Come Rain or Come Shine.”

With her warm, velvety voice, great beauty and stage presence, she could have easily upstaged all others, had she chosen to. Generously she lets them dance to her numbers and shine in their smooth, relaxed, often brilliant wide-ranged contemporary lingo, spotted with dazzling jumps and lifts.

Rushton succumbed to the archaic format of the American revue acts; unfortunately, this format wasn’t consistent with the dance, slowing down the fluidity and dispersing the tightness and solidity of the evening’s structure.

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