Lookin' Good: Gift time

Help your loved ones start the year off with holiday packages filled with soaps, splashes and scents.

Cosmetic products (photo credit: Courtesy)
Cosmetic products
(photo credit: Courtesy)
With Rosh Hashana fast approaching, it’s time to decide what gifts to buy for family and friends.
Many cosmetic companies are offering pretty packages and special deals on perfumes and body-care products.
Body and soul
Laline, a chain of beauty and home products designed and produced in Israel, has many stores here and abroad. Meirav Cohen started the chain with her partner when they were in their 20s. She decided to add products that would answer her and her clients’ growing cosmetic needs, so she has launched a youth-preserving category called Laline Forever. This exclusive line has eight facial products that are based on sugar cane and cedar trees and contain the gentle, refreshing aroma of cucumbers.
In the exclusive collection: Youth Guard Serum (NIS 170); Infusion Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 (NIS 120); Moisturizing Infusion Rich Cream for normal/dry skin (NIS 120); Night Cream (NIS 140); Sun Kissed Tinted Protective Care SPF 30 (NIS 110); Radiance Boosting Cleanser (NIS 70); Rich Eye Zone Care (NIS 130); and Radiance Boosting Triple-Action Refinishing Care (peel) (NIS 140).
Holiday special: For the holidays, Laline is offering two products for NIS 50 on selected items such as body creams and hand creams. Until September 30.
The three stages
The three-step skincare system by Clinique has been a part of many women’s daily routine for years. Although the products have improved over time, the idea of an effective daily routine for cleaning and nurturing the skin that includes Clinique’s signature products – cleanser, lotion and moisturizer – remains the same. During September there will be amazing specials on these time-tested products at Super- Pharm, NewPharm and Hamashbir Lazarchan.
Moisturizing special
Dermalogica is now marketing its high-quality cosmetic products at selected spa centers and licensed beauticians. For the holidays, the company is offering special gift packages such as Active Moist oil-free moisturizer with two complimentary products (NIS 311) and Skin Smoothing Cream with two gift items (NIS 334).
The feel of Provence
L’Occitane, the French cosmetic company that is synonymous with Provence, offers its wonderfully scented and beautifully presented products in special packages for the holiday.
All the boxes include several products impeccably packed in the company’s recycled gift boxes. The gift packages start as low as NIS 100 for herbal soaps or aromatic candles and gift-size products from the new Peony line, which includes eau de parfum, washing gel and body milk. There are gift boxes from other lines as well that go up to NIS 139, such as a package for tired feet. Larger size gift boxes go up to NIS 450. Available at all L’Occitane stores. www.loccitane.co.il
Scented gifts
The April chain of beauty stores offers many gift ideas, among them a package of his-and-hers scents. For her, they offer an exclusive package of three scents by Tocca (NIS 230).
For men, a package of Design in Motion by Bugatti includes perfume and aftershave lotion (NIS 289).
Dress code
Giorgio Armani is offering his-and-hers editions for the holidays, too. The special offer is a 20-ml. gift bottle of Armani perfume to carry in a purse with the purchase of a 50-ml. ladies’ scent or 75-ml. men’s scent. The gift sizes are in a limited amount for the holiday time only. They make for a great rescue splash, especially needed in our climate, and are small enough to carry in an evening bag.
The scents offered in the 20-ml. size are Aqua de Gio and Aqua de Joya, Armani Code for men and women and Armani Code Sport, the newest addition to the collection. Until September 30 at select pharmacies and perfumeries.
The naked truth
Estee Lauder has launched a new (in Israel) scent for Rosh Hashana, Sensuous Nude. The scent is feminine, warm and intimate, in keeping with the company’s vision of the modern woman. The main ingredient is musk oil, with bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper.
Jasmine and lilies add another layer, with honey and a final note of algoma and Amber. Eau de parfum 50 ml. (NIS 450), available at all Estee Lauder counters at Hamashbir Lazarchan, SuperPharm, New- Pharm, April and other stores.
SO good
The London-based perfume brand SO for young women has two gift packs for the holidays – Sinful and Superstar. An eau de toilette, body milk and lip gloss packed in a metallic makeup bag makes a lovely gift for the younger girls in the family (NIS 80).
Younger men might enjoy the Hombres package, which contains a new musky, masculine scent in a frosted glass bottle packed in an aluminum box (NIS 128). Available at April stores and other perfumeries.