Rihanna to shine bright like a diamond in Tel Aviv

Six-time Grammy winner to perform in front of 50,000 fans in October as her “Diamonds" world tour stops of in Israel.

International singing sensation Rihanna (photo credit: Courtesy PR)
International singing sensation Rihanna
(photo credit: Courtesy PR)
When Rihanna last performed in Tel Aviv three years ago, she was already a critically acclaimed celebrity. Since then her fame has surged, making her an international icon.
The six-time Grammy winner has plans to return to Tel Aviv, bringing her “Diamonds” world tour to Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv on October 22.
At a press briefing on Tuesday morning in Tel Aviv, publicists for the show announced that some 50,000 tickets will be available from 6 p.m.
this Thursday, June 27.
Prices will range from NIS 369 for general admission on the grass to NIS 1450 for “Golden Ring” standing near the stage.
In 2012, Forbes ranked Rihanna fourth on their Most Powerful Celebrity 100 list. This year, Spotify announced she is the most streamed artist worldwide.
Rihanna has also developed a ubiquitous social media presence since her last visit. She is the most popular person on Facebook, boasts the fourth most followers on Twitter, and is the most viewed and subscribed musician on YouTube.
At Tuesday’s press briefing, publicist Ran Rahav said organizers have prepared the “Diamonds” star for the Facebook and Twitter anti-Israel backlash she will likely receive when news of the Tel Aviv concert breaks internationally.
After Alicia Keys announced her July 4 performance in Tel Aviv, The Color Purple author Alice Walker penned an open letter urging the singer to reconsider, comparing the boycott of Israel to the Civil Rights movement and South Africa Apartheid. Despite a petition from 500 organizations with 12,000 signatures, Keys is still scheduled to perform on July 4.
In light of boycott calls, Rahav admitted the Tel Aviv concert – like any concert scheduled in Israel – is a risky investment.
But it is unlikely any backlash will deter Rihanna, who has always been the subject of controversy.
Ever since ex-boyfriend Chris Brown plead guilty to felony assault in 2009 – for beating up the starlet on the car ride to the 51st Grammy Awards – her decision to continue an intermittent relationship with him was widely criticized.
Although currently separated from Brown, the singer is under fire for arriving over two hours late to a performance in Birmingham, UK, and then allegedly whacking a fan with a microphone.
Although the “Diamonds” star doesn’t usually lash out at overzealous concert-goers, this isn’t the first time she has kept her fans waiting. The singer also arrived late for recent performances in Belgium, London and Wales. Last month she was booed in Boston for arriving three hours after she was scheduled to perform.
Many fans – who paid high prices to attend her concerts – complained of lackluster performances, where the singer allegedly moved in slow motion as if under the influence of a tranquilizer. Critics at the Birmingham concert described her as looking “bored” on stage. All the while she has truly acted “unapologetic” – coincidentally the name of her latest platinum-selling album.
Despite the political and financial risks, the widely anticipated concert – which will open with the lead single “Diamonds” – is likely to be an exciting show.
Just as Rihanna is known for reinventing her clothing and hairstyle with every album, she will probably surprise everyone with what she has in store for October’s performance in Tel Aviv. Let’s just hope she shows up.

Tickets will be available online at www.2207.co.il or by phone at *2207