The results of the election are in, and Donald J. Trump is the new President Elect of the United States. This comes after an incredibly long winded election season, marred by scandal, media outbursts, and frankly absurd behavior from both sides of the coin. It would seem that these were the two least popular candidates that we have seen in a long time. 

There are any number of blogs that will highlight the ineptitude of either candidate, the media incredible biases one way or the other, and the amazingly unprofessional and embarrassing way that these two campaigns were run. I would like to highlight one particularly puzzling fact that seems to have been largely overlooked by the media. 

Though it may depend on who you ask, it is generally understood that the sitting president will lend his voice to one candidate or another - which is acceptable, as he is a citizen of the united states, and has the right to express his opinion like any other citizen (though if you ask the left, that fact isn't quite as openly stated). What I find abhorrent is that Obama misappropriated tax money to actively campaign for Hillary Clinton. The POTUS is afforded certain luxuries as commander in chief, such as Air Force One, a security detail, cars, food, etc. As his wife, Michelle Obama is also afforded these benefits. Benefits that are paid for by our tax dollars, and are expected to be used towards the advancements of the American agenda. 

When Obama uses these benefits to travel and campaign for a candidate, he has essentially betrayed any American taxpayer that does not support Hillary Clinton. I haven't checked the numbers, but it seems fair to assume that there are exorbitant costs that go into bringing the President or First Lady from one place to another - Securing a private runway, paying for security back and forth, the costs of running a massive airplane with full staff and potentially an Air Force escort, the cost of securing whatever venue they decide to speak at, the cost to the American shop owners that need to close stores that may be on the President's travel route, etc. 

I find it shockingly brazen of Obama to abuse his position of influence and privilege to do something so entirely undemocratic. Regardless of republican or democrat, the American citizen should be outraged at this misappropriation of funds. If there was going to be a media storm about anything, it should be about this. 
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