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Ya, you must believe me,

those Jews are too free

They make a schmutz in the world

with their Jewish policy

A country, a flag

and now an army!

Ya, believe old Gunter,

They were better in Germany.


Ah, believe me, Schone Zeiten!

As Franz once did say

The bright new morning

Of a bright new day

Young Gunter was full of Hoffnung

For all that could be.


What glory in the Waffen!

What power could be

I glimpsed a whole new world

Of possibility

My message I would spread,

That to be a good Gunter

A man should sit down to pee!


But alas the world

does not listen to Gunter G.

They still stand (how sad) to make wee-wee

And from where does it come?

Well, that we all know:

From the ProblemmakeJewcountry

Da Damned Israeli!


The third order went down

and the fourth didn''t rise

And for all these years

I''ve had to hide

But no, no more, I refuse to give in

It is I, Gunter sitzpinkler,

who one day will win!



Ashley Rindsberg is the author of Tel Aviv Stories.


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