A few months ago, a tour guide friend told me that a group of 17 chinese tourists disappeared from their hotel in tel aviv.  They didn't meet the guide and the driver for the rest of the trip, and their rooms were already empty. 

In Chinese it's called "Jump off the plane" – meaning that they all plan to stay illegally.

There is a ring of illegal Chinese workers which the Israeli government is not seeing, but it's getting more serious.

This is the screenshot from the QQ group chats – the most popular instant messaging application in China.  All these groups are featuring "Applying tourist or business visa, working in Israel, high salary". 

More shockingly, there are certain Chinese people in Israel operate these illegal smuggle. In Chinese, it's called the "snake head".  The snake head teaches those people how to apply for visa, and once these "customers" land, the snake head also arranges pick up and work arrangement.    These snake heads will take their passports and salary, controls their finance and lives.

This is something for the authority to pay more attention into.

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