Conversion to Judaism is something which I have had an interest in for some time. I have watched videos borrowed from my library regarding Judaism. Conversion is possible though some people say it isn’t including Jews that are misinformed. I have read books on Israel’s politics and their security agencies including articles on the take downs of war criminals. I have been exposed to Hate literature which didn’t cause me to be a hater, but to pass it on to law enforcement. In Canada unlike many countries police here don’t protect anti-Semitic demonstrations. Police will arrest people using hate laws from our criminal code.

In Canada bullies take on the Hate literature which goes against peaceful Jewish people. East Indian people come in second as victims of Hate in Canada. Why? I am not sure but I am not impressed by those non-entities that refer to themselves as Aryan. Many demonstrations they participate in require law enforcement to keep them from being injured by many people. Admire those human beings that don’t support racists, but oppose them vocally at the same rallies.

Conversion the topic of this article held my interest throughout reading the Torah or Old Testament. The women sound beautiful in words and action. There is a lot of history in the Torah. History was my favorite subject in school at that time. Now writing may put me back into learning at some higher level. You may not see me jump into converting because I move like molasses. I would be thrilled to be more than a tourist if I ever visit the Holy Land.

Now I was raised Catholic which has changed over the years because of turmoil in the Church. Priests are not my enemy nor should they all have bad reputations. The current Pope is popular with many including non-Catholics. I see him sometimes speak out against Hate. I would like to see more Catholics and other Christian groups step-up and support Israel and Jews at standing up to the many anti-Semitic attacks.

Peace, energy, and please light a candle for others. I support Jews in the worst struggle facing them since WW2. I pray for more world leaders to take a stand against terror.

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