Do some volunteer work

Breaking news (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Breaking news
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
 There is a cooking class I have been taking which brought me some new friends. I have no intention of becoming a professional cook or chef in the future. One thing I may be interested in is using my cooking to develop my skills.
Giving my time through the food bank or homeless shelters may be possible. I wonder if I could enlist in a retirement type setting when my daughter is older. There are many free food venues in the city which may need help.
I can research these things as if performing a job search. Donating your free time can be a resume builder. You can use volunteer work as a reference for most positions. Joining the overseas crowd could enlighten you if you get into it. Most job applications for government positions ask for examples of selfless work you have performed.
Doctors and medical staff often spend a year or more getting experience through volunteer positions. Former members of law enforcement and armed forces often do work for the UN. It takes courage to put your life on the line or even to sacrifice time in your schedule if you have responsibilities.
Some examples of good volunteer work came up when Benjamin Netanyahu put Israel front and center in helping Syria. I would like to be generous with my time as a way of me visiting Israel before I’m too old to enjoy it. Maybe Israel has volunteer opportunities for Canadians with some basic skills.
Many Syrians survived the brutal conflict because of aid given from Israeli’s. Now with ISIS defeated in Iraq and Syria there could be more positions available. The armed forces make these positions safer now that terrorists have been routed out of many places.
Shifting from volunteer to career positions is possible after some time. It isn’t always possible to get trained on the job or to find an opportunity after graduation from college. Giving up your available time for free may be the only way of getting your dream job.