The inauguration is over though the protests may not be for anyone. I saw that protests were peaceful which good news is though I don’t protest. I would like to see America not need to screen everyone for protest material when they cross the Canada USA border.

Trump won the election while it was close to going the other way he still won. Protesting with agitators that smash windows doesn’t inspire me to go against elected authority. The peaceful protesters came during the following day’s women’s march.

The day of inauguration is not a good day to voice the opinion of opposition it is voting day which counts. Votes cause change while protesters most likely spoil ballots. Trump was facing accusations by placards though he had things to say during his CIA visit.

Blogging and twitter were strong during his campaign though he doesn’t do much by e-mail. I didn’t say much about the new president while he campaigned because I only knew change was coming globally. We can forget about the Arab Spring as causing peace for many as described by media. The violence facing Jews around the world is insane so I blog without using too harsh language.

Palestine will most likely have to cool down their Hezbollah speeches. I support a two state solution for peaceful Israeli’s and good Palestinians that don’t engage in terror. Trusting the leaders that negotiate with UN backing is wasted time. Stopping the violence will be mandatory with some way of guaranteeing peace will hold the deal together.

The Palestinian people should overthrow their leaders except going against HAMAS is a death sentence.  Israel won’t cave into the BDS movement or any pro-terror groups circulating today. Supporting human rights must include speaking out against racism Antisemitism Islamophobia. I keep seeing compelling ads on YouTube from Al Jazeera regarding Islamophobia though I have yet to read them. I will watch the ads shortly to see the Muslim view of what is going on in the Middle East.

Having recently becoming a blogger on Jerusalem Post made me feel as though I was a social activist with a heart. I have a lot to say mostly coming from opinion related to cultural political or economic events. I do like reading left wing material though I am more of a conservative. I like the name of the provincial party Progressive Conservative though I underline Progressive.

Here in Canada there is a lot of heavy online journaling regarding the Alberta and federal governments. I don’t know where I stand on every issue though I wouldn’t want to face that much criticism. Why the price dropped for oil I don’t research though it is causing much anxiety among voters in Canada. I really am a conservative voter being that way for some time.

Besides being conservative switching from spending a lot of time online regarding how bad things are then seeing happy people in public is surprising. There isn’t any guarantee of electoral change unless there are major movements by conservatives in Canada. After the CPC Conservative Party of Canada Leadership is finished I will most likely spend a lot more time blogging about Canadian issues. There is a leadership campaign going on with the PC Alberta as well. Hopefully I can contribute to both movements.

One thing which makes me happy lately regarding Conservative politics is that it isn’t the CPC or provincial right wing politics that is involved in protesting incumbent governments. The groups that are protesting are not conservative’s just agitators.  These views come from my own view of global issues.


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