It is the measure of a country's state of mind who becomes President. After carefully examine the choice between the two Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and how they have campaigned, I see no way to avoid a Trump presidency.

Mr. Trump's message has penetrated the heart of American idealism. Mr. Trumps movement wants a reclaiming of constitutional rights given to the people. The right for people, - States to determine government. The Obama administration failed over the past eight years to stimulate the economy, address economic disparities and the inequality of the criminal justice system. More of the same with Hillary Clinton is not an answer.

What do Americans want after Obama?

They want a president who is not Obama ( the black man). This is circuitous but true. Some American voters, a good many, want to distance themselves as much away from Obama as possible, they felt this way at Bush in 2008. The American presidential election is as much a reaction as it is a selection.

On Tuesday 8th, 2016 Americans will vote for change from a broken system in Washington. A broken system which President Obama, try as he may, could not fix.

Ken Sibanda is an American Constitutional lawyer. Known affectionally as "Tecumseh," for his work in literature and film. He is also the author of "The Rights of Presidents."

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