African Americans

The Kyrie Irving case isn’t about Blacks vs Jews - opinion

Black leaders have questioned Jewish claims to victimhood — especially when Jews accuse other Black leaders, such as Louis Farrakhan, of antisemitism


Jewish community won't 'get pass' on 'anti-blackness,' slavery - US politician

"The Jewish community will not get a pass on their long history of anti-blackness, from their role in slavery to anti-Black American hate, to hatred towards black Jews," said Gregg Marcel Dixon.

Kanye West claims Planned Parenthood, KKK conspired to 'control Jew population'

Kanye doubled down on unsupported claims that "the people known as the race black really are" Jews in footage cut from his recent Fox News interview.

 Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson testifies during her confirmation hearing before

Supreme Court judge nominee speaks about Jewish-Black alliance

Ketanji Brown Jackson, nominee to Supreme Court judge, spoke about the special circumstances in which her school was founded.


Black-Jewish ties can’t be allowed to falter - opinion

Black and Jewish people in the US have a long history of kinship with one another, based on shared minority status, and experiences of discrimination and bigotry.

  Bishop Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, speaks to the media fo

27% decline in Black Protestant approval of Biden - new Pew analysis

Between March 2021 and January 2022, Black Protestant approval of the president fell from 92% to 65%, the survey showed.

  Bishop Glenn Plummer

How God, Martin Luther King brought a ‘Bishop of Israel’ to the Holy Land

Meet Bishop Glenn Plummer, a man on a mission to bring Black American Christians to Israel.

Zionists helped defeat segregation in Baltimore - opinion

This story began in the autumn of 1946, when the Zionist activists known as the Bergson Group sponsored a Broadway play called 'A Flag is Born.'

AN AFRICAN AMERICAN uses a ‘colored’ water fountain in Segregation-era American South.

Louisiana governor to pardon plaintiff in landmark racial segregation case

Homer Plessy was arrested 1892, setting off a chain of events that led to the 1896 Supreme Court case.


The secret of Zionism’s success, we did it ourselves - opinion

Ben-Gurion was building a nation – and healing a people. He felt he needed to impose a new model, the New Jew, on everyone.

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