With a little help from friends, I will attempt to introduce some new terms for your use.

The detractors of Zionism and those who denigrate Israel have been employing “hasbarist”.

Here is a use:

There are thousands of hasbarists, official, covert and volunteer, who leap with zeal on any comment that might be seen to contradict the official Zionist party line.

It’s used as a hashtag on Twitter.

Already in 2007, anti-Zionist Matthew Duss, now with FMEP, wrote the phrase “peddling hasbarist myths” and in 2009, it was used by a hateful, duplicitous and prevaricating Jewish anti-Zionist so “N.Y. Times Publishes Hasbarist’s Dream Op Ed on Iran”. Border-line nazist, Max Blumenthal, uses it regularly. And it was used in 2008, too.  A friend of mine was called a ‘hasbarista’, a spiteful play on barista.  You can find this: “ Israel Mad Machine of Hasbarists” and Abe Foxman was described as “the Anti-Defamation League's hasbarist-in-chief”.  It can get linguistically nasty: “You stupid Askenazi. There are lies, damned lies and hasbarist propaganda”.

Well, there may be now a counter-term.

Pasbara was one suggestion (I would use Palsbara as I employ ‘Pals’ instead of “Palestinians”). 

Another, better term I picked up is Paliganda as pro-'Palestine' propaganda. And we could use Paligandist for one who engages in such propaganda. It is not to be confused with Pallywood, which is a rather specific form of Palinganda.

Will you use those terms?


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