The term hasbara is not a word that can properly be translated to English. However, its approximate meaning would be "explaining." 

In its context of use, hasbara essentially refers to Israeli public diplomacy, explaining Israel and Israel's actions in a way that puts the Jewish state in a positive light.

Hasbara is an important part of Israel's efforts to combat widespread delegitimization efforts against it, such as the BDS movement and the public diplomacy efforts of entities hostile to the Jewish state.

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Foreign Ministry stalls hasbara over lack of budget

The ministry has already shut down its hasbara efforts in Persian and Russian for the same reason.

Has the IDF finally learned to do PR? - opinion

More than all of his predecessors, IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari realizes the importance of international media and the importance of giving them the right information.


Nathaniel Buzolic teams up with Naftali Bennett to advocate for Israel

Former prime minister Naftali Bennett and actor Nathaniel Buzolic collaborate, making waves in Israel's global advocacy amid the war with Hamas.


CAMERA: 'Israel is not the enemy, reporters should check their facts'

Antisemitism and anti-Israel activity on campuses are at an all-time high amid biased reporting and misinformation against Israel in the international press, CAMERA said.

In Tel Aviv, 2,000 volunteers wage war against anti-Israel propaganda

The Civil Public Diplomacy Headquarters was established within 48 hours after the war broke out and now distributes pro-Israel content in 45 languages.


Getting hasbara out of its rut - opinion

There is the need to reset the message and the Zionist narrative.

Why is Israel struggling with public diplomacy in the war with Hamas? - opinion

There is little difficulty in presenting to the world what actually happened on October 7. So why is Israel encountering difficulties in hasbara?

Israel's victory against Hamas relies on good hasbara - Israeli MK

The strong need for civilian hasbara was discussed in the meeting which was chaired by National Unity MK Ze'ev Elkin.

Israel shuts down public diplomacy ministry, budget heads to South

The Public Diplomacy Ministry was opened at the beginning of this year for the first time since 1975 and was in charge of hasbara (explaining) in Israel and abroad.

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