Barak Ravid published in a newspaper whose editorial line is quite anti-Netanyahu a story that was headlined

Prime Minister’s Office using state resources to monitor media reports on Netanyahu family

It claimed that
Personal stories deemed even higher priority than collecting news items on diplomatic, security or economic issues.

The details included this information
The Prime Minister’s Office uses employees from the National Public Diplomacy Division’s information and communications technology department to monitor the Israeli media for items about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, and their children…

…it emerges that flagging down reports on Sara Netanyahu or the family’s private affairs is an even higher priority than collecting news items on diplomatic, security or economic issues.

I admit that I simply don't get it.

If Ravid is all huffy-puffy about this collecting of such information, why does he and others on his paper and other media outlets make such a fuss about the matter.  The opposition to Netanyahu are using the gossip against Netanyahu's election campaign based on the media reports.

If so, it is indeed a political theme and it has been a feature of Netanyahu’s premiership and his relationship with the press. 

Therefore, logically, you can't have it both ways.

You can’t attack a candidate on an issue that the media brings to the fore as part of his political campaign but at the same time complain that his office then has to make expenditures to cover the matter.

Oh, and how did the wives of others behave?


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