Winter is here again, and as usual, the holiday season brings many challenges. Cold weather, shorter days, sugary treats, stress, and many other factors make staying fit during winter a bit difficult to say the least. So how do you stay healthy? Despite the obstacles, there are 9 healthy and easy tips to make your body fit for winter.

1) Keep a food diary and watch your portions

Many people overeat during the holidays simply because there’s just more food available. Whether you’re at work, at a party, or even in your own house, food is a staple of winter. It’s festive and fun, but sometimes you end up eating more than you think, and definitely more than you need. Keep a food journal to ground yourself in reality and make sure you portion out the food you eat.

2) Prepare meals in advance and freeze them

The best diet plan involves whole, natural foods. This means avoiding packaged dinners and eating out. However, cooking takes time, something you might be a little short on during the holidays. Between parties, shopping, and family activities, cooking healthy meals can be easier said than done. Before the busy time sets in, prepare a few meals in advance and freeze them. That way, when you really do run out of time, you’ll have something ready to go.

3) Make a schedule and reward yourself

Establish a workout schedule and stick to it! You’ve worked hard to get this far, don’t give up just because there’s snow outside. Stepping out in the cold can be discouraging, whether you were planning on exercising outside or in. Make a schedule and develop a system of rewards so when that internal motivation is lacking, you have another reason to get moving.

4) Bring natural, fiber-packed snacks with you

It’s hard to resist the sweets everyone seems to be handing out during the holidays. Pre-package more nutritious food, like fresh fruit and vegetables to grab on the go. If you’re munching on healthy food all day, you’ll already be full and less likely to overindulge. Fruits and vegetables are also some of the best brain foods. They’ll help keep your energy high so you’ll be more likely to work out during winter.

5) Get your winter gear on

If you like exercising outdoors, the cold winter weather can seem like an end to your routine. Winter doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your favorite activities, however. Invest in some good winter workout clothes and get back out there. Make sure you bring layers. Gloves and hats are especially important to protect those sensitive, and normally exposed, areas.

6) Embrace winter sports

For many, simply wearing the right clothing is enough to get through the winter. However, there’s no denying that snow and ice can be a real barrier. Sometimes, it isn’t safe to exercise outside during winter. In that case, embrace the climate and take advantage of one of many winter sports. You can learn a new skill, keep your workout interesting, and still stay fit.

7) Sign up for a gym membership

Not convinced? The cold isn’t for everyone, no matter how many layers you put on or sports you try. If that rings true for you, it might be time to sign up for a gym membership. This way, you can keep up your activity level, wear the same clothes you usually would, and avoid the cold. Joining a gym can even expand your workout options – try out some new machines or moves while you’re there.

8) Warm up with an indoor group class

Another good indoor option that might also hold you more accountable is signing up for a class. Winter can really sap internal motivation. Even with a gym membership, you might be tempted to just stay in. To avoid this common pitfall, join a group class like cycling, yoga, weight lifting, or any other that sounds interesting. Since you’ll be working out with a group regularly – and they’ll wonder why you’re missing – you’ll be more likely to make it out your door.

9) Watch workout videos

If you’re strapped for cash, time, or snowed in, why not get fit in your own home? Try some online workout videos. Although many associate workout videos with weights or cardio, also consider dance, yoga, or pilates. There’re so many available it makes working out at home easy, even without equipment. 
Winter is notorious as a time of indulgence, but that doesn’t mean you have to put on weight or hurt your health. By following these 9 easy tips, you can still get healthy and fit. You can also try to up your fitness gains during winter by getting enough sleep, taking vitamins or supplements and focusing on your mental health to de-stress.

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