Yes, the Jews have to join the fight in defending Judeo-Christian civilization because of two simple reasons: the death of Christianity would mean the complete failure of the Jews as the Chosen to make the Torah-guidance the governing guidance of the world and the Jewish nation may be physically annihilated if this civilization is dead.

Unfortunately, the Jews are far behind the Christians in defending and restoring our Judeo-Christian foundation, and some Jews have been even active in destroying it.  

Those “destructive” Jews were justifying their actions by referring to the basics of Christianity.

Indeed, Christianity claimed that the God’s guidance receives its true meaning and interpretation from the New Testament – not from the Torah, which it calls the Old Testament. Thus, Christianity denied to Judaism, which is Christianity’s mother religion, the purpose, if not the very right of its continued existence.

Such Jewish anti-Christian attitude was rightly justified in the past. However, in the last century many Christian denominations reconsidered their spiritual relationship with Judaism. For example, Catholic’s leadership is now treating the Jews as the elder spiritual brothers and Evangelic Christians are treating the State of Israel as the God’s Promised Land. The Christians are changing their attitude but not the Jews.

Those “destructive” Jews are destructive not only in regard to Christians but to other Jews as well. Inside the Jewish nation there are Orthodox Jews who treat the Reform or non-religious Jews in the same manner as Christianity treated the entire Jewish nation in the past – the truly Orthodox Jews consider themselves as the only ones who know the God’s guidance.

The anti-Christian actions by many in the Jewish nation are conducted not only in the theological discussions but in the political realm as well. American Jews have long been among the strongest supporters of strict separation of church and state – to deprive the Christians of any influence in the political realm.

Regarding issues like religion in public schools, government aid or vouchers for religious schools, and the display of Christmas mangers or Hanukkah candles on government property, American Jews remain firmly separationist. They believe that in the non-religious, soulless society the Jews would have better conditions for creating a “better world” not only for the Jews but for everybody as well. In the past, I was among those Jews but not anymore. Why? – because I have got back to the Torah and reread and rethought it again from the viewpoint of our God’s given mission of the Jews as the Chosen. What I have discovered can be summarized in the following way.

·         Since the humans were created in the image of God the Unique Individual and Creator, the humans are not a herd that follows one set of rules enforced by a shepherd. The humans were created as competing individuals - to compete with each other in their creative work since the truly creative work cannot be done without competition of different ideas.

·         The Torah is the guidance for all people – Jews and non-Jews – for competing in the creative work. At the core of Torah guidance are spiritual guidelines for the humans on how to compete peacefully and how to deal with non-peaceful competition.

·         To have a better chance to win in competition, the humans had congregated into groups with different group’s traditions and rules, which were transformed into different religions.

·         One group of humans called the Jews created the Torah-based religion of Judaism with a Torah-based special mission of the Jews as the Chosen. This mission is aimed at helping the non-Jewish groups to understand the Torah guidance and live by it. This mission is not a God-given privilege but rather a God-given heavy responsibility.

·         Since the non-Jews had group’s traditions and rules different from those of the Jews, the non-Jewish groups were creating their own religions. Christianity was a result of fulfilling by the Jews their mission of the Chosen. The Jews helped the non-Jews to create a Torah-based religion of Christianity, and Rabbi Joshua who later on received the name of Jesus Christ did it. It was the beginning of Judeo-Christian civilization where Jews and non-Jews had an opportunity to peacefully compete with each other based on the Torah-based (Old Testament) guidance tailored to the Jewish traditions in Talmud and to the non-Jewish traditions in New Testament.

·         Nevertheless, the competition between Jews and Christians was not that peaceful – it was accompanied by pogroms, expulsions, forceful conversions, public humiliation, and economic restrictions. However, all that was the result of human’s fight for political power camouflaged in religious clothing – not the result of Torah-based God’s guidance.  

·         Nowadays it is clear both Jews and Christians are losing the fight for the Torah/Bible-based better world for everybody – they are losing the fight to the non-religious people and the Muslim world.

·         It is time to fight back for restoration of our Judeo-Christian foundation, and the Jews have to consider this fight as a priority for the Chosen. 

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