To figure out what is right and what is wrong in both major branches of Judaism we have to have the true Supreme Judge over Judaism, and we have this Judge that is the Torah.

The Torah as the Supreme Judge judges everybody but first the Jewish people and their rabbis on how they follow the God’s guidance on shaping the human world along the lines of the Ten Commandments and their derivatives in the Torah – sometimes under the name of Tikkun Olam that is creating a better world for everybody.

In order to do this God’s guidance, (1) the knowledge of the Torah should be preserved and advanced and (2) the practical means of transforming this knowledge into the architecture of the better world have to be developed.


(1)   The Orthodox rabbis are preserving and advancing the knowledge of the Torah, and that is RIGHT and that is GOOD. However, the Orthodox rabbis regrettably are the obstacles in developing the practical means of transforming this knowledge into the architecture of a better world that has to be developed. The Orthodox rabbis are doing all that through the concept of being Kosher that is being spiritually pure. This concept eliminate the need to prove that something can be made better – if something is Kosher, any reasonable competitive thoughts on how this something can be made better are prohibited for deliberations.   
Everything is right when the concept of being Kosher is applied to food, rituals, prayers, home maintenance, and other similar things.

Everything is wrong when the concept of being Kosher is applied in the course of deliberations when different competing opinions are being presented with the goal of finding the best way of advancing something in spiritual and material life.
Here is a few examples from my own life encounters.

At the very beginning of my studies of the Torah, I had developed some thoughts on how to apply the Torah guidance to my own life circumstances, and I tried to find, in America and in Israel, Orthodox rabbis to get them agree or disagree. To my astonishment, I found that is un-Kosher to challenge the rabbi’s thoughts. 

One more example. Just recently, one good Jewish Orthodox publisher in Israel has published my book on Jewish identity. To do this, this publisher had to create a completely new line of editing and printing. Why? Because the Orthodox rabbis applied the concept of being Kosher to everything even to editing and printing. My publisher would lose his Orthodox customers if they learn that the “Kosher printers” were used for “un-Kosher” printing. This is not laughable, that is extremely serious – that means the Orthodox Jewish community is afraid to read and be challenged by anything outside of their kosher life, and that is the ultimate roadblock for transforming their Torah knowledge into the architecture of a better world for everybody – and that is WRONG.


(2)    The Reform rabbis believe they are developing the architecture of the better world, and that is RIGHT and that is GOOD. However, their architecture is based not on the Torah guidance – their architecture is based on the liberal, democratic-party ideology, which is treating the humans as unable to be the free individuals “in the image and likeness of God” and therefore being in need of the ultimate god-like government protection and care, and that is WRONG.

Moreover, the Reform rabbis are fighting, and fighting merciless, the Orthodox rabbis who are trying to preserve the Torah guidance and the traditions related to the Torah, such as for example the arrangements at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall, Kotel) or the holiness of Shabbat. The Reform rabbis have objected even the US government decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel aimed at recognizing the spiritual and historic utmost importance of Jerusalem for Jewish identity. They did it because this decision was made by President Donald Trump who is #1 ideological enemy on the list of ideological enemies of the Reform rabbis.

As the current US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated in regard to an anti-Israel vote in the UN, "What is troublesome to some people is that the United States had the courage and honesty to recognize a fundamental reality. Jerusalem has been the political, cultural, and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years. They have had no other capital city. But the United States' recognition of the obvious - that Jerusalem is the capital and seat of the modern Israeli government - is too much for some." I do not believe the Reform rabbis do not understand the importance of Jerusalem in Jewish history and spirituality. However, it looks like for them the “ideological purity” is more important than the Torah guidance, and that is WRONG.


The Nobel Prize Laureates occupy a prominent place among those who are developing the architecture of the better world for everybody. Among the Nobel Prize laureates, a prominent place belongs to the Jews – they are the leaders in developing the architecture for the better world: in science, in economics, social matters … almost in everything. Why it is so? Most probably, it is so because the Jewish Nobel Prize Laureates as the entire Jewish nation are spiritually tasked with this work, with the tasks described in the Torah, somehow genetically by the Supreme Power above us the human. Unfortunately, the Jewish Nobel Prize Laureates do not mention the Orthodox or Reform rabbis as their inspirational source.  

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