UN has voted on resolution which supports ending Israeli settlements located in Judea (West Bank) and East Jerusalem.
Moreover, to be more specific 14 – member council have voted in favor of this shameful resolution.

According to Saeb Erekat, who is a former peace negotiator and the number two in the Palestine Liberation Organization:
"The international community has told the people of Israel that the way to security and peace is not going to be done through occupation ... but rather through peace, ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state to live side by side with the state of Israel on the 1967 line.”
The “occupation” of Palestinian territory is probably one of the most shameful and disgusting lies ever in history.
First of all, everyone who has elementary knowledge of history cannot say that Israel can occupy its own land, especially not the  Palestinian territory.
It is called Judea, in order to understand following facts certain historical knowledge is needed:

- In the 5th century BCE for the first time the name “Palestine” has appeared, to be more specific, it is found in Greek literature.

- Who were Philistines?

Philistines were related to Greeks; furthermore they left Crete and arrived in Canaan in the 12th century.
There is an important aspect about Philistines:
They have no historical, ethical or lingual connection with Arabs which implicates that Philistines are non-Semitic people.

The next question is:
What is Palestine and how it got the name?

In the 2nd century CE the Romans have used word Palestine and named the area which was called Judea as Palestine.

Why they did it?

Romans wanted to minimize Jewish connection with the land of Israel.
To conclude, there are historical facts that support the statement that: There is no Palestine, furthermore, it was clarified who were Philistines and that the name Palestine is a territory called: Judea.
The territory which was under British Mandate has been named Palestine and the fact of the matter is that a “new identity” has been made. An important aspect to mention is that Palestinians today have nothing in common with Philistines which arrived in Canaan at the beginning of the 12th century.

Nevertheless, I have to emphasize all these historical facts in order to oppose the shameful statement that: “Israel occupies Palestinian territory.”

I have read that: “Israeli settlements are seen as a major stumbling block to peace.”

I would like to ask:

Terrorism conducted by brainwashed murders paid by Palestinian Government is not seen as a stumbling block to peace?

Hate speech is not seen as a stumbling block to peace?

Denying real historical facts is not seen as stumbling block to peace?

Denying existence of one Jewish state is not seen as stumbling block to peace?

Blaming Israel for defending its people is not seen as stumbling block to peace?

Saying that Israelis do not have right to build homes in their land is not seen as a stumbling block to peace?

Antisemitism, the UN biased and denial of Jewish state is the only stumbling block to peace.
If you knew history, the facts, the truth, if you have ever visited Israel before condemning it, you would know that Israel is a country which yearns for peace, Israel is a state which welcomes everyone who truly supports the peace, furthermore, Israel is the state which will never accept shameful resolutions in order to be eliminated by those who want to destroy it.
It is cynical to talk about peace behind which is hidden hate. Israel will never support “peace” which indirectly or directly supports terrorism.

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