I was sitting with Gordon for hours listeing to his story, the story of
"the mad trapper from Canada".

“I used to be a trapper and cowboy, and cut the trees in Canada. That was my job. I used to drink, fight, and drink again, and fight again… Me and my wife were together for ten years. We were good sinners. Everything happens for a reason. I got baptized because a young boy told me to as God was taking through him. We got baptized in January in a lake with the temperature of 20 degrees below zero. I wanted to find out what this thing is that made me do it? And this is when it all began. I joined the church but ended up fighting with people for about a week. They said I had a devil inside me. Well, a voice told me to come to Israel. The same voice told me that I had one year to take care of my things before I came here. I paid all my bills, sold everything I had, my house, track, horses… then we traveled to Michigan where my wife was from. After some time I got tickets to Athens, I didn’t have enough money to fly to Israel, I had spent it all in America. I went on a boat from Athens to Haifa… All that time I heard everyone saying I was crazy… My wife, friends… here I was in Israel, 32 years ago. I took a bus, I had been on that boat, tired and dirty and got out of the bus, and noticed a kind of a youth hostel… but it turned out to be a synagogue! I went to sleep and woke up two hours later, and saw plenty of men singing and trying to speak to me but I didn’t understand a word in Hebrew. The man opened up a Torah scroll and all of the sudden I knew I was in the synagogue. You can imagine I was very embarrassed… The trapper from Canada in the synagogue in Tzfat… Later on I came to Jerusalem. I rented out an apartment. Then my wife met me here and I got a job at the Jerusalem Post! I was looking for a job at that time. A man called Yehuda Avi got me a job in the north at the “Rose of Galilee”. I was a tour guide on a horse in Galilee because I knew how to ride horses. I was riding on the routs created by God… I worked there between the years 1982/83 and 32 years later I still remember the horses names… afterwards we had to return to America… My wife dead… I had to return to Israel where we used to live… I drove to the Golan Heights to scatter her ashes. You can take picture of her heart. It is a heart stone that I read the Holy Bible with… I rented a car and drove recently to the Golan Mountains to visit her. You know that there is a poppy flower, in Hebrew is called kalanit, that is growing there?”

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